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Designed with children in mind, the multisensory and developmental instruction was simple and highly effective for all children and teachers. From there, we added a Pre-K program, Get Set for School, so early numbers and letter sounds could dance across your classroom. We introduced you to our favorite hero, Mat Man. Then, we added Keyboarding Without Tears to get children ready for new forms of communicating. Our company has grown to make sure all children have all the tools they need to express their thoughts, step by step, letter by letter. We’re here to help you find the heart of every letter and inspire a love of learning.

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EqualLevel evolved from the understanding that while e-procurement has traditionally been viewed as a solution for buyers, seller adoption is really the most critical component of a successful implementation. Until now, implementing e-procurement with a wide range of suppliers, whose B2B e-commerce capabilities range from sophisticated to non-existent, has been a costly, complicated, and protracted undertaking.