Editorial Team

Jenna Sindle, Managing Editor

Jenna Sindle is the Managing Editor of Today’s Modern Educator and the Vice President of Publications and Communities at Strategic Communications Group, Inc. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and corporate communications for information technology companies, as well as a background in academia Jenna is well versed in the art of clearly communicating complex ideas and bringing together the strands of a story into a compelling message.

Chelsea Barone, Writer

Chelsea is a writer for Today’s Modern Educator. Chelsea writes for other federal government and technology industry publications, including Retail Technology Insider and Modern Marketing Today. Her background is in B2B and enterprise technology, specifically cloud computing, SaaS, travel IT, and mobile devices.

Margaret Brown, Writer

Margaret Brown is a seasoned freelance writer and contributing editor, writing on various topics including cyber security, government IT, hyperconverged networks, aviation, solar and many others. In addition to her role on Today’s Modern Educator, she is co-creator of From our Perspective, a series of video interviews with elderly African Americans that highlight their experiences growing up in Loudoun County, Va.

Matt Langan, TME Podcast Host and Writer

Matt Langan is the host of the Today’s Modern Educator Podcast and a veteran content marketer in the B2B, healthcare and government marketing arenas. He has extensive experience in creative content development, and has held leadership positions with a number of tech agencies in New York City and Washington, D.C. throughout his career.

Ryan Schradin, Writer

Ryan Schradin is a writer for Today’s Modern Educator and Vice President of Digital and Communications Services at Strategic Communications Group, Inc. A communications expert and journalist with over a decade of experience, Ryan has edited and contributed to multiple publications. He is also the Executive Editor of the GovSat Report and a writer and editor for Insurance Technology Insider.