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Automation Bridges Enterprise and Academics

by Jackie Davis

Colleges and universities have made significant strides over the past six months to support remote learning initiatives. While some institutions had pre-existing remote learning capabilities, many were scrambling to stand-up resource-friendly, secure, and student success-oriented programs.

The process of implementing a remote environment is not a simple one. With disbursed devices, increased network traffic, and ever-evolving security threats, including ransomware attacks, among the list of challenges facing education IT leaders, institutions are searching for emerging technologies that can deliver better services with fewer resources. The solution? Automation.

With enterprise IT automation, institutions can streamline operations and configurations throughout environments. From deploying a new device to moving data to the cloud, automation provides a faster, more efficient process across every phase of the application lifecycle. “To meet evolving business demands in the face of uncertain global conditions, we see IT organizations accelerating their automation efforts to help drive faster innovation while managing demand surges due to remote workforces,” said Thomas Anderson, Vice President, Ansible Automation, Red Hat.

Automation technologies enable remote learning by enhancing security, remaining budget-friendly, and freeing IT professionals to focus on strategic, high-value tasks. According to a recent IDC report, automation technology-enabled 68 percent more productive IT infrastructure management teams and reduced unplanned downtime by 53 percent.

For institutions in a hybrid or remote learning environment, effective resource and staffing management is paramount. Damien Eversmann, Senior Solutions Architect with Red Hat – the industry leader in enterprise open source technology, explains that “[A]utomation isn’t about laying people off and saving money that way. It’s about enabling the workforce.”

Enterprise open-source automation technologies are powering educational institutions to stand-up remote learning environments efficiently and effectively. With automated solutions, organizations have seen a 30 percent cost savings alone. Factor in the enhanced security and improved deployment process and educational institutions have a powerful tool to overcome distance learning challenges.

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