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How Virtual IT Training is Readying the Next Generation of Experts

by Jackie Davis

Today’s hyperconnected world wouldn’t be possible without information technology (IT), and our reliance has been exemplified through current social distancing mandates. To continue delivering essential services, IT organizations are evolving the way they deliver expertise to customers and partners. High on their list of priorities are training, education, and mentorship.

By expanding and scaling up their ability to deliver live virtual training classes, IT organizations, like Red Hat, are enabling the shift to digital for government agencies and academic institutions. “As we embrace new ways of working, we can look to the open source way of doing business, where the best ideas can come from anywhere, and where transparency and collaboration are vital, and showing up ready to help is a key component to success for each contributor and the community as a whole,” said Paul Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer at Red Hat.

With a virtual training program, you can prepare for the rapidly advancing IT world. Participants should look for a learning curriculum that is always evolving, helping to meet business needs, and responding to current technology challenges in the field. In live classroom settings, or self-paced, online training, programs like Red Hat Virtual Training provide you a learning format that matches your unique needs. These programs are developed by specialists who use the software themselves and understand that as technology evolves, so too must the skills that accompany it.

“As a nation, we need to move toward a skills-based approach for educating and hiring where the skills taught in the classroom directly align to the skills required for a career,” says Cheryl Oldham, senior vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and Workforce.

With a Red Hat Learning Subscription, students are provided with critical information and taught the valuable skills needed to be successful in today’s changing environment. Individuals and organizations can access over 50 online courses, 400 hours of labs, and 10 eBooks to bolster skills that are powering our communities. These learning opportunities are valuable to teams that rely on conferences and events for professional development. With on-demand content, advanced training is delivered wherever and whenever it’s needed.

“We’re optimists and hope for a better situation in the near future. We are also realists, and thus are working actively to develop new ways to meet the needs of the current situation,” said Red Hat’s Ken Goetz, Vice President of Training and Certification in a  recent blog.

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