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Fintech: The Latest Addition to Middle School Curriculums

by Margaret Brown

As the digitization of the financial services sector continues, the demand for fintech professionals is growing at a rapid rate. In previous years, the education system struggled to prioritize teaching STEM-based skills. However, with a unignorable void in fintech positions across the country, today’s education system is working to make fintech a priority in curriculums and syllabuses.

This past November, University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte announced their commitment to help strengthen and grow the financial technology sector. To do so, UNC Charlotte, in partnership with Trilogy Education, will work to fill positions, connect people with better paying jobs, and bolster economic mobility by offering fintech-based boot-camp classes this March. However, higher education isn’t the only part of the education system seeing the value and promise in teaching fintech basics – middle schools are following suit.

TechGirlz in partnership with First State Fintech Lab recently announced a joint plan to build a fintech-focused curriculum with workshops for middle school girls. Similar to that of UNC Charlotte’s fintech-based boot-camp, this program was developed with the purpose of helping to fill the void in fintech-related positions, specifically in the state of Delaware, by training the newest generation of female technologists.

“As Delaware’s financial technology industry continues to grow, this partnership will help inspire a future workforce of diversified talent that will make our state and its innovative companies even more competitive,” said Meghan Wallace, co-founder of First State Fintech Lab. “By engaging early with young women and providing them with a path to rewarding careers in the fintech industry, we can build a more diverse financial services ecosystem while providing our girls with greater access and opportunities.”

From middle school to college, leaders in the education sector are realizing the importance of teaching fintech-related basics. By doing so, they’re diversifying the workforce, making companies more competitive, and working to nurture the next generation of fintech professionals.

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