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U.S. Department of Education Study Proves EdTech Benefits to Adult Learners

by Jackie Davis

Technology aids both teachers and learners of all ages. From computer games in a K-5 classroom to virtual lectures for adult learners, EdTech provides a range of solutions. This week, we explore how educational technology is implemented, grants focused on EdTech, and how technology is helping the adult learner.

EdTech Implementation

Although technology administrators are responsible for network infrastructure, troubleshooting school site issues, and heading a team of support staff, they are often also responsible for the adoption and implementation of any new school technologies – including EdTech. Since many schools are working on a tight budget, funds are directed to infrastructure efforts rather than classroom technology.

For educational tools to grab the attention of IT decisionmakers, they must provide students and teachers with multiple benefits while remaining easy to implement. The students and teachers may be using the technology every day, but the IT administrator must implement and secure it.

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NSF Undergraduate STEM Education Grants

The National Science Foundation Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grants for colleges and universities are now open. The grants aim to improve undergraduate STEM education that will ready students for the technology-driven workplace. The grants are divided into two categories – one focused on institutional and community transformation and the other is focused on developing engaged student learning.

“One area of interest for these grants, for example, is whether the gamification of cyber education, through programs like Hackathons, are beneficial to learning and eventually employment,” shared grants expert Elizabeth Evans, Senior Grants Development Consultant for Education at Grants Office LLC. “However, grant applicants should know that there are different funding buckets available depending on what is being proposed under the larger IUSE umbrella program.”

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Adult Learners Benefit from EdTech

EdTech tools aren’t just for the K-5 classroom. According to a new report published by the U.S. Department of Education, EdTech tools should be designed to help adult learners meet their goals by supporting virtual communications with instructors and classmates. The three-year study focused on teaching adults advanced math skills needed for today’s jobs.

“People tend to have ‘math trauma,’” said Christina Ward, engagement manager at Luminary Labs. “It’s a sticking point for a lot of adult learners that we elevate in the reports.” For learning to be more appealing to adults, it must be virtual and provide a smooth process.

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