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EdTech ROI – Is the Technology Worth It?

by Jackie Davis
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Technology powers our world today and the education sector is no different. From smart campuses to innovative websites, schools are implementing technology to engage with the digital-driven student. This week, we discuss the cost and benefits of EdTech, how one university is embracing technology to improve the student experience, and trends in educational technology.

Is EdTech Worth the Cost?

In every industry, calculating ROI is important but for education, it is critical when taxpayer money is on the line. With more schools implementing technology, the need to evaluate these solutions becomes more important. How can schools do this? Impact Research.

Teams of impact researchers ask questions and study the results to determine if an educational technology solution is having the desired impact. They focus on questions such as: How does this learning solution actually impact student outcomes? At what scale, and by which standards? What intervention most increases interest for a subset of students? Which characteristics contribute most to an effective learning experience?

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Web Presence Often Overlooked as Technology Innovator

When you think about educational technology apps, games, and automated systems may come to mind, but a web-based digital presence is just as important. With students increasingly seeking a digital, seamless experience, it’s time for colleges and universities to make web presence a high priority. For Nexford University, the focus was on building a platform that engaged students.

In a recent infocast on our sister site, Modern Marketing Today, industry experts from Sitecore, XCentium, and Nexford University joined forces to discuss how an effective web content management solution can be a game changer for mid-market organization like colleges and universities.

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EdTech Trends

In a recent Consumer Technology Association (CTA) study, four out of five educators and 86% of parents said they think technology such as video content, and STEM products, are a crucial part of education. Over 89% of parents and 87% of educators agreed that EdTech helps to prepare students for the technological future.

“A growing number of parents and teachers agree that tech is a powerful tool for education, over a wide range of subjects,” said Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of research at CTA. “Tech is helping children learn at every stage of education – from early language training all the way to mastering STEM concepts.”

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