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In the Age of the Smart Campus and Savvy Students Focus on Web Presence is Essential

by Jenna Sindle
Web Presence

College and university administrators have found themselves in the middle of a period of extreme disruption. The arrival of digital natives on campus and the growing competition for students as enrollment declines are just two of the factors that have made focusing on web presence a high priority.

Not only must each institution showcase what makes it standout to prospective students, but they must also ensure a seamless experience for students once they enroll and explore both online learning opportunities and interact with campus services. To achieve this, colleges and universities will need to be nimble, scalable, and above all be able to connect to the ever-changing needs of their students.

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For most colleges and universities this type of scalability and speed-to-market has typically been out of reach. The challenges of an overburdened IT department and budget constraints often limit the opportunity to change or update their online presence and be responsive to customers. In other words, their key platform in building exceptional student experience is a pain point rather than asset.

But while this is a common experience, in an era of software-as-a-service (SaaS) it doesn’t need to be the case. Lower to mid-market organizations can excel at web content management by using SaaS technologies to deliver that success. In a recent infocast on our sister site, Modern Marketing Today, industry experts from Sitecore, XCentium, and Nexford University joined forces to discuss how an effective web content management solution can be a game changer for mid-market organizations, giving them access to powerful tools that deliver a secure and responsive web environment that’s ready for the marketing team to create an exceptional student experience in under two months.

“Because it’s a SaaS platform, it alleviates all the headaches of an enterprise solution. It takes care of the up-time, the security, the software patching, and running the infrastructure,” shared Paul Coleman, Chief Technology Officer at Nexford University. “What we’ve deployed as an up and coming educational institution should demonstrate to traditional campuses that the marketing team can interact with the platform easily and deliver the type of personalization that drives exceptional student experience.

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