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Educational Technology Prepares Students for the Workforce

by Jackie Davis
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We recently spoke with Rebecca Carlson, an AP Biology teacher and Project Lead the Way biomedical science teacher at Van Buren High School, part of the Van Buren School District (VBSD). In our previous conversation, Carlson discussed the educational technology that VBSD has implemented and how it benefits the school as a whole. Today, Carlson joined us to discuss the education technology that has been implemented in the science field.

In VBSD science classrooms, students use interactive software to complete labs, test objects, and virtualize time lapses. “Students can see the results without taking that much time out of a class period,” said Carlson.

Traditionally, students would need to wait days or even weeks for a long-term lab project to be completed, but with educational software time is sped up, making labs easier to complete in the limited class time. Students are also able to engage with technologies that can be used in medical or science careers.

“There is a lot of technology in science that we can provide that allows students to use equipment used in the real workplace,” said Carlson. In her biomedical science class, students separate parts of DNA using technology that is actually used in college classrooms and medical facilities.

“It helps teachers make the classes more relevant,” she said. Technology is now a fully integrated part of science and medical workforces, and students need to be prepared. “We have robotic arms and the kids are designing the programs to allow it follow their commands,” said Carlson. “We have drones that are being designed and developed by students. All of this is being done within the classroom.”

In the classroom, VBSD is promoting an environment of engagement and learning, but these skills go far beyond a high school science class. The hands-on skills learned from these technologies will help students develop beyond the classroom and into the workforce.

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