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EdTech Shaping Van Buren School District Classrooms

by Jackie Davis
Van Buren

In recent years, educational technology has been implemented throughout schools of every level. From colleges and universities to early learning institutions, education technology has shaped the way our classrooms functions, children learn, and teachers grow.

Van Buren School District (VBSD) located in Van Buren, Arkansas, is no stranger to the powerful benefits of education technology. To learn more about the technologies that have been implemented and the benefits it brings to both students and teachers, we spoke with Rebecca Carlson, an AP Biology teacher and Project Lead the Way biomedical science teacher at Van Buren High School.

“It’s changing how communication is working now. Teachers are relying a lot more on email access or programs like Remind where you have communications linked up right with parents phone numbers,” said Carlson. Education technology is also changing classroom presentations from reports to interactive sessions. “Teachers are asking for videos, website designs, and posts online with communication,” she said.

This change engages students and plays to their diverse talents. Learning becomes more enjoyable for the classroom as a whole. “The classroom environment has changed,” said Carlson. Take the science field for instance, “there are a lot more virtual labs that are done. We have a 3-dimensional learning computer lab that provides students the opportunity to really get into a full system and literally have it surround them.”

By implementing educational technology, VBSD has been able to offer their students an immersive learning experience that goes from classroom to classroom. From virtually sculpting clay to cutting DNA segments, students are pulled into the topic they are on.

“It offers for both students and teachers more,” she said. More learning opportunities, more accountability for projects, and a much more engaging experience.

Stay tuned for more from VBSD on their immersive science labs.

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