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Is Personalized Learning Attainable in the Average Classroom?

by Jackie Davis
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The personalized learning movement is shaping the way students and teachers interact. Students take a more active role in their education, and teachers, while still performing their original duties, are tasked with overseeing a specialized plan for each pupil. While personalized learning offers many benefits to both students and teachers, it isn’t without its challenges. Do educators have the time and resources to implement this learning technique?

Making Time for Personalized Learning

Every educator knows that carving out the time for personalized learning can be difficult. Using these three strategies, educators can embrace personalized learning without pushing other tasks aside. By rethinking scheduling, streamlining administrative tasks, and incorporating blended learning, finding the time to pursue this teaching style will become easier.

Embracing technology can help teachers with scheduling and administrative tasks like never before. Consider automating some tasks and even doing away with some altogether, as many are likely outdated. As for blended learning, it can help teachers reorganize their lessons and time in a more meaningful way.

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Personalized Learning Made Possible by Teachers

Teachers are what make personalized learning possible on a daily basis. Without teachers that are innovative and engaged, personalized learning would be pushed aside, which is why it is important that we help our educators grow. Megan Huneck, the Design Principal on the Design & Implementation team with Ed Elements, explored this topic in a recent blog.

For teachers looking to lead and engage in the classroom, Huneck encourages them to reflect on their teaching practices, as it relates to personalized learning and beyond, and strive towards these 5 Innovative Teacher Leader Competencies.

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Shifting Learning Initiatives

With more personalized learning strategies being implemented across the country, the focus is shifting from technology integration to classroom structure. This comes with both benefits and challenges to educators, administrators, and students.

Keith Nalbach, an advisor at the Met school, the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, explored how personalized learning is changing the classroom in this recent podcast.

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