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Personalized Learning Isn’t Possible Without Innovative, Engaged Teachers

by Jackie Davis
personalized learning

The Personalized Learning Summit, a conference that brings together educators focused on student development and innovation, came to a close last week. During the summit, teachers, education technology pioneers, and administrators came together to share, explore, and analyze the opportunities and challenges facing the education field today.

A focus of the conference was how to empower students to take an active role in their education by promoting personalized learning. While the goal of personalized learning is to empower and engage the students, the first step to excelling at personalized learning is empowering and engaging the teachers.

Megan Huneck, the Design Principal on the Design & Implementation team with Ed Elements, explored this topic in a blog leading up to the conference. To keep teachers engaged and willing to explore new education styles like personalized learning, it’s important to support them and create an environment where innovation is fostered. For teachers looking to lead and engage in the classroom, Huneck encourages them to reflect on their teaching practices, as it relates to personalized learning and beyond, and strive towards these 5 Innovative Teacher Leader Competencies:

  • Know Yourself: It’s important to understand how personal experiences, strengths, and values impact your teaching philosophy.
  • Nurture Trust: Create an environment that encourages and celebrates risk-taking.
  • Cultivate Curiosity: Ask questions, learn, and share.
  • Catalyze Action: Learn, share, and discover ideas with others.
  • Navigate Perspectives: Make concepts relevant and achievable to both students and other staff.

These competencies should be fostered by teachers themselves as well as the schools in which they work. Without our teachers, personalized learning and the change it evokes wouldn’t be possible.

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