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Malicious Security Threats on the Rise for Schools Highlighting Importance of Cyber Policy

by Jackie Davis

Malicious security threats are nothing new to the education industry, but these threats are becoming more difficult to detect and combat. Take Scott County School, for instance, they recently fell victim to a $3.7 million phishing scam that severely impacted school resources. With threats on the rise, it’s important for educators and school administration to take a hard look at their data, the way that data is stored, and how cyber policies can be strengthened.

Malware Poses Threats for Schools

Scott County School in Kentucky recently fell victim to a $3.7 million phishing scam. According to Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub, a fraudulent vendor was sending invoices disguised as a real vendor. “This is a process that we use currently in Scott County Schools,” said Hub of their payment technology.  “It’s a way that we pay our vendors. And it was in this specific case, a single case, that we can verify, and this fraudulent email and fraudulent documentation is what caused this crime to happen.”

Out of 17 major industries, education ranked the worst for cybersecurity according to a study published by Security Scorecard. With student data and health and financial records, schools are responsible for protecting large amounts of data, making cybersecurity a top priority.

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Data Solutions for Schools

As schools implement more education technology, it produces a vast amount of data that needs to be stored and analyzed. Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) took an innovative approach to their data problem by partnering with Henrico County to build a data center that would suit both their needs.

The data center, made to be scalable and flexible, needed to be secure and reliable for both parties. Their aging infrastructure lacked the ability to perform any kind of analysis letting precious data go to waste. During the development process, the school district and county identified three keys to successful collaboration.

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Finding the Right Infrastructure

Educational IT experts are raising concerns over the safety of data in school’s physical IT structures. With limited space and resources, education IT technology is often stored within the school, exposing it to multiple threats. As the use of EdTech grows, it becomes even more important for schools to obtain the correct IT infrastructure.

To help schools with this transition, they can follow these best practices to optimize technology space and storage.

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