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Partnerships Offer Unique Data Solutions for Schools

by Jackie Davis

Schools implementing education technology tools are faced with an interesting predicament their predecessors haven’t had to deal with before: housing digital data. To create a secure, reliable data solution, some schools are building creative partnerships that provide the scalable flexibility they need.

Take Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS), for example. With more than 50,000 students and 6,500 staff spread across 75 sites in Virginia, the school’s outdated data storage, housed in a converted office building, was no longer cutting it. To address the aging infrastructure, HCPS partnered with the Henrico County government which was facing similar issues with network, performance, and flexibility.

Together, HCPS and Henrico County built a single, shared data center that met both their needs. During this process, the school district and county identified three keys to successful collaboration:

1. Schools Must Stick to a Plan

With any project, it’s important that those involved have clearly defined roles are responsibilities. Henrico County took the lead on the data center renovation, but both parties shared their needs early on to ensure a smooth process.

2. Create a List of Important Details

Both HCPS and Henrico County agreed that the data center must be flexible, scalable, and resilient. The data center needed to support cloud and on-premises applications as well as optimization. This wish list set clear standards for the infrastructure needed.

3. Think Ahead

For both institutions, the data center needed to be future focused. With HCPS experimenting with big data and a vast amounts of data being accumulated by the government, a data center that supported operational performance, resilience, and growth was a must.

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