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SRSA Grant: An Opportunity for Technology in Rural Schools

by Jackie Davis

The Small, Rural School Achievement grant (SRSA grant), an important grant for rural schools looking to potentially increase their technology spend, is open for application. This grant, offered by the Department of Education, is an annual program that aims to provide local education agencies (LEAs) with funds to improve student academic achievement.

Elizabeth Evans, of the Grants Office LLC, joined us to explore the SRSA grant and what schools need to know before applying. The application deadline for SRSA has been extended to April 26th, explained Evans. In the past, SRSA was not run through the Department of Education, and many districts weren’t aware of the change as well as the new processes, leaving money on the table.

“This is bonus money for activities. As a result, the grant is technology friendly, can be used for supplies, or even teachers’ salaries,” said Evans.

The calculation-based funds can be used for activities under one of the following Federal programs:

  • Title I-A: Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Education Agencies
  • Title II-A: Supporting Effective Instruction
  • Title III: Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students
  • Title IV-A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment
  • Title IV-B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Districts are eligible for the SRSA program if the number of students in average daily attendance of all schools served by the LEA is less than 600, or each county served by the LEA is located in an area with a population density of fewer than 10 persons per square mile. Schools must also be designated as locale code 41, 42, or 43, or fall within an LEA that is deemed “rural” by a government agency.

“For a lot of rural schools, or smaller schools, sometimes they find that they can’t always get the technology they need because of economies of scale. These supplemental title dollars are really beneficial because there are static baseline costs with some items and it can throw the barrier for those schools that don’t have enough funding per pupil,” explained Evans.

To see if your district qualifies for SRSA, use this funding worksheet.

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