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EdTech a Booming $13 Billion Industry

by Jackie Davis

We all know that technology is shaping the future. From easier communication to money-saving artificial intelligence – technology is touching every part of our daily lives, including education. In recent years, there has been a boom in education technology that is changing the way students learn and educators teach. To explore this impact and some emerging technologies, Today’s Modern Educator has compiled the top stories surrounding education technology.

EdTech Boom

In the U.S. alone, spending on education technology has topped $13 billion. Programs and policies to promote the use of EdTech have encouraged schools to implement technology to support student learning and aid teachers. A recent study from J-PAL North America summarized 126 evaluations of different uses of EdTech.

The study focused on access to technology, computer-assisted learning, technology-enabled education, and online learning. The evidence suggests some key finding on education technology including how the use of computers, when used correctly, can improve digital literacy skills and access to education for many students.

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Digital Education Technology

Converge, a digital marketing conference focused on education, is a great venue for educators and marketers alike to brush up on their marketing tactics for EdTech. The conference features notable speakers from colleges and universities as well as industry leaders in technology.

From Google Analytics to content creation, attendees learned how the best in the business market their technologies and services to the education community. Many speakers focused on customer experience – marketers and educators must remember that their targets are people and need a human connection to engage.

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EdTech Research Center

This year, Northern Illinois University is set to open the Cross-Disciplinary Research and Engaging Advanced Technology for Education Center. This center will be dedicated to creating EdTech solutions with the help of education professionals who can offer insights into what schools need and where current EdTech is falling short.

“Research on advanced technology to tackle real-world educational challenges involves a myriad of research topics, which also involve diverse groups of learners and teachers in various domains of learning,” said university President Kim Freeman.

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