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Education Technology Brings New Opportunities to Schools, Colleges, and Universities

by Margaret Brown
education technology

Across every aspect of our lives, technology is changing the way we do everything from reading books to cooking dinner. This holiday season, the editors of Today’s Modern Educator are snuggling up to revisit stories on ways that technology has changed education. From positive to negative, education technology brings opportunities to all levels of education. Learn how higher education institutions benefit from e-procurement and cloud solutions, while, at the same time, technology is sounding the death knell for signatures in this news roundup.

With Signature Usage On The Decline, What Does This Mean For Handwriting?

When was the last time you wrote something by hand? For many of us, the only time we put pen to paper is when we’re asked to sign a document. Even then, digital signatures are increasingly the norm. Recently on NPR, this issue was explored by a University of Buffalo professor who’s written a history of handwriting on the United States. Signatures to us, at least in the recent past, did mean a way to express our individuality, our distinctiveness,” she shared. Dr. Elizabeth DeWitt, a handwriting and curriculum expert with Learning Without Tears, agrees and offered insight into the importance of handwriting. “Handwriting is an essential piece in the foundation for reading and writing because of all the incredible benefits it has,” she said. Read more about it here.

Punchout Technology Brings Simplicity To Online Procurement Process For Colleges And Universities

Colleges and universities across the United States are well known for ground-breaking discoveries and inventions. But behind the scenes, the procurement teams that support the professors, researchers, and students have yet to experience their own digital revolution. Many educational institutions are still using outdated purchasing systems that restrict the ability of the procurement team to conduct broad-based online procurement with suppliers. Some educational institutions, however, are beginning to explore using e-procurement software to simplify the procure to pay (P2P) process, changing the way that they purchase, sell, and transact. But before investing in e-procurement software, there’s a few things that purchasers need to know. First, many procurement software providers are selling older generations of e-procurement solutions with a new interface. This is perpetuating the problem for higher education procurement teams. Learn more here.

With More Student Data And Research In The Cloud, Do You Have The Right Security Strategy?

Colleges and universities across the country have embraced the cloud in a way that few other fields have. From student-facing applications that streamline admissions and registration processes to the petabytes of cloud-based data that fuel groundbreaking research that is the lifeblood of many institutions. And from all indicators – even with the advanced adoption rates – we’re just at the beginning of the cloud revolution for educational institutions. As Lauren Burnell, who heads up US Public Sector Cloud Alliances at FireEye, explained in a recent webinar, the ubiquity of the cloud in higher education is a great opportunity to build more data-driven and student-focused institutions. She also acknowledged, just as the cloud is ubiquitous, so are the threats from hackers looking to exploit the vast amount of data educational institutions are looking to move to the cloud. Learn more about it here.

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